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What is SynBioHub?

SynBioHub includes two projects:

  1. An open source software project providing a Web interface for the storing and publishing of synthetic biology designs.
  2. A public instance of the aforementioned software project at synbiohub.org, allowing users to upload and share designs.

For those familiar with the SBOL Stack, SynBioHub incorporates and extends its functionality. An SBOL Stack installation is not required for SynBioHub.

What can SynBioHub be used for?

SynBioHub can be used to publish a library of synthetic parts and designs as a service, to share designs with collaborators, and to store designs of biological systems locally. Data in SynBioHub can be accessed via the HTTP API or Java API, where it can then be integrated into CAD tools for building genetic designs. SynBioHub contains an interface for users to upload new biological data to the database, to visualize DNA parts, to perform queries to access desired parts, and to download SBOL, GenBank or FASTA data.



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