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The SynBioHub Administrator Portal is the place to manage an installation of SynBioHub.


The status page is probably the simplest of the administrative pages. At a glance, it shows some instance-specific settings that can be useful in diagnosing issues with your SynBioHub instance. As such, please include a screenshot of this page in bug reports logged on our Issue Tracker.


The users page allows you to alter user information and privileges. Please note that the save buttons along the right-hand side of the screen operate on a per-use basis, so you must save any changes you make for every user you changed. It is not possible for an administrator to change a user ID, username, or password -- User IDs and Usernames cannot be changed after creation, and passwords can only be changed by the user.


To enable creation of users by administrators and user password resets, a SendGrid account is required. Once you have a SendGrid account, use this page to input or modify your account credentials.


This page shows the number of triples stored in each Virtuoso graph. This is often useful in diagnosing issues with SynBioHub; as such, it may be useful to include the info included on this page in bug reports.


This page is used to connect your instance of SynBioHub to ICE registries and Benchling accounts.


One of the most powerful features of SynBioHub is its ability to federate with other instances of SynBioHub. This functionality is currently under active development.


This page enables you to change the themeing of your site -- the logo, the front-page text, and the color scheme.


This feature enables backing up your Virtuoso data. To use, first click 'Create Backup'. All backups are shown in the list here. You can restore from any backup shown.

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