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In addition to using existing ontologies, SynBioHub also uses terms in the SynBioHub namespace to represent information specific to SynBioHub. These terms are documented here.



URI http://wiki.synbiohub.org/wiki/Terms/synbiohub#Attachment
subClassOf sbol:TopLevel

A resource (e.g. file, or SBML model) associated with an sbol:TopLevel. The metadata for the attachment is described in RDF, but only the SHA-1 sum of the file contents is stored (using the synbiohub:attachmentHash predicate). This hash can then be mapped to the file contents in a separate, compressed file store.

An Attachment is described using:

  • sbol:persistentIdentity
  • sbol:displayId
  • sbol:version
  • dcterms:title
  • dcterms:description
  • synbiohub:attachmentType
  • synbiohub:attachmentHash



URI http://wiki.synbiohub.org/wiki/Terms/synbiohub#attachment
Domain sbol:TopLevel
Range synbiohub:Attachment

Associates a synbiohub:Attachment with an sbol:TopLevel.


URI http://wiki.synbiohub.org/wiki/Terms/synbiohub#attachmentHash
Domain synbiohub:Attachment
Range xsd:string

The SHA-1 sum of a file associated with an Attachment, represented as a string. This allows the content of the file to be located in the file store, which is separate from the RDF triplestore.


URI http://wiki.synbiohub.org/wiki/Terms/synbiohub#attachmentType
Domain synbiohub:Attachment
Range (See below)

The type of an Attachment. Valid URIs:


URI http://wiki.synbiohub.org/wiki/Terms/synbiohub#attachmentSize
Domain synbiohub:Attachment
Range xsd:integer

The size of the file associated with an Attachment, in bytes.


URI http://wiki.synbiohub.org/wiki/Terms/synbiohub#mutableDescription
Domain sbol:TopLevel
Range xsd:string

A description for a sbol:TopLevel that, unlike the dcterms:description, is mutable. That is, modifying the mutableDescription does not require creating a new version of the sbol:TopLevel.


URI http://wiki.synbiohub.org/wiki/Terms/synbiohub#mutableNotes
Domain sbol:TopLevel
Range xsd:string

As synbiohub:mutableDescription, but shorter, additional information to be attached to a sbol:TopLevel.


URI http://wiki.synbiohub.org/wiki/Terms/synbiohub#mutableProvenance
Domain sbol:TopLevel
Range xsd:string

As synbiohub:mutableDescription, but human-readable information about the provenance of a sbol:TopLevel.


URI http://wiki.synbiohub.org/wiki/Terms/synbiohub#snapshotOf
Domain sbol:TopLevel
Range sbol:TopLevel

Indicates that an sbol:TopLevel is a point-in-time snapshot of another sbol:TopLevel.


URI http://wiki.synbiohub.org/wiki/Terms/synbiohub#physicalLocation
Domain sbol:Implementation
Range xsd:anyURI

Indicates that an sbol:Implementation has a physical location, represented as a xsd:string.


URI http://wiki.synbiohub.org/wiki/Terms/synbiohub#topLevel
Domain sbol:Identified
Range sbol:TopLevel

Indicates that an identified object is owned by a sbol:TopLevel in order to facilitate easier deletion.

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